Our mission

We make 3 simple promises to our clients:

- To take the stress away from procuring and managing your energy

- To ensure you get the right products

- To get you the best solution within your budget

More than just procurement

Giving you the attention you deserve

When you join the Advantage family you get a dedicated, single point of contact, allowing us to truly understand and respond to your needs.

No matter what your requirements, we can develop, implement and manage complete utility solutions for you, including:

  • procurement

  • auditing

  • bill validation reporting

  • market analytics

Transparent and honest

What you see is what you get

We have signed the TPI Code of Conduct with all suppliers we work with to demonstrate our commitment to honest and transparent practice.

We have been trusted time and again by public sector clients to undertake Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) tenders on their behalf, which we have successfully achieved through our clear and upfront approach.


Driving long term efficiency

Helping you make sustainable, permanent changes

We work to reduce you utility costs and increase efficiency throughout your business. This includes a focus on lowering non-energy costs, which can now make up over 60% of a bill.

Transforming usage data into actionable insights

For clients to make the best decisions for tomorrow, they need to know what’s happening today.

Advantage Analytics, complimentary to all eligible clients, is a cloud-based portal which visualises energy usage and spending within 24 hours, creating actionable insights.

Advantage Utilities Monthly Report - using computer.jpg