GH Property Management is a residential, full-service property management specialist with over 75 sites in their portfolio, each requiring electricity, water, gas and telecoms. This requires careful and consistent management to ensure not only that costs are kept to an absolute minimum, but that billing is accurate and issues are rapidly resolved. They have been with us for over 5 years and the relationship continues to stay strong.

In 2017 alone the wholesale energy market sky rocketed by over 28% and we saw instances of non-energy costs crossing the 50% total bill cost tipping point. Despite this we still managed to make energy cost savings of 27-29% on several of GH’s properties.

Our duty is to ensure GH’s costs are kept down, including making sure they are billed accurately for their usage, which was an issue they were having with their supplier. Advantage Utilities stepped in to resolve this serious issue.

The problem

GH were consistently receiving bills from their supplier that did not reflect the energy usage of their properties. The solution lay in examining all bills for all meters for every utility — but with 75 electricity meters alone, not to mention the meters for gas and water, this would take a considerable amount of time, energy and expertise to achieve.

Account Manager Janey set to work in resolving this swiftly.

The Solution

Janey got the supplier to send bills for all the meters straight to the Advantage office, where she closely inspected each bill’s cost against the usage for the meter reading. By cross-examining all the bills against the usage and tariff, she was able to establish where the errors were.

The Result

Janey identified over £4,000 of supplier billing errors across 4 sites, which was over 6% of the year’s annual spend. Advantage Utilities provides this Bill Validation service to all clients as part of our complete utility solution offering. The feedback we got says it all!

Toby Felton, Property Manager at GH Property Management

“Amazing Janey.

Thank you for all your hard work with this. It’s been amazing.”