Advantage Utilities achieves ‘Gold’ Low Energy Company status


Tailoring bespoke energy management solutions that help reduce your usage, be more green and save you money is at the heart of what we do here at Advantage Utilities.

But it’s not just the big things like onsite generation and battery storage that we can help with. We understand the importance of every individual’s actions when it comes to helping reduce energy waste in the workplace through best practice.

We believe in practising what we preach, so we have trained our staff in the Low Energy Company training programme, awarded by the Energy Manager’s Association, achieving the highest award of Gold standard.

The training programme equips our staff with the knowledge and techniques to help drive the change they want to see through their day to day actions, and helps us do our bit in reducing energy wastage.

To find out what small things you and your colleagues can do to make a big difference in your workplace, speak to us today on 0207 371 5360, or speak to your account manager.