New Charter Housing Trust Group is a Registered Social Landlord owning over 18k homes throughout the north of England.  With a turnover of £90 million and a workforce of 800 people, they are also a Sunday Times Best 100 Company, achieving 10th place in the Not-for-Profit list in 2013.  

We have worked with NCHTG for the last 8 years, and as Danny Vose, Head of Investment, said himself, we needed to tidy their portfolio:

“We were at the time a relatively young company having undergone stock transfer from Local Council.  Our portfolio was not in best state of affairs.  We needed some help to bring properties into line. Your consultancy offered us a quality, affordable service”

When they approached us, they were tied in to a contract with another consultancy but Danny felt:

“We considered our previous consultancy did not offer us the level of service we required”  

We initially undertook a review of their ‘water’ portfolio and managed to achieve a £3,220 refund for their Cavendish Mill.  We also identified supplies which were not part of NCHTG but were being charged and paid for, so we worked with their utility supplier to obtain the refunds.

This then led us to successfully procure their energy, where Danny says,

“2010 was a great result.  Your consultancy recommended locking us into a 2-year fixed contract as opposed to a 1-year fixed contract whilst the market was at one of the lowest points. In turn we saved approx £900,000”.