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Using our network of service providers, we provide a total waste collection service to cater for all your waste needs from the day-to-day collections of your general waste, to skips and clinical waste.  

We also offer a full recycling service to ensure that we enable businesses to fulfill their green credentials and demonstrate their commitment to a reducing their carbon footprint.  Dedicated glass, cardboard, food waste and mixed recycling collections are provided to guarantee as much waste as possible is sent for recycling and with our suite of wheelie bins, all of our clients waste is collected, stored and segmented efficiently from day one.

In addition, our clients benefits from flexible invoicing, tailor-made management systems and a time and cost efficient service.



Wheelie bins are an ideal way to store your business' general waste.  We're able to supply a range of different sizes including 240 litres and 360 litres so smaller businesses, through to 660 litres and 1100 litres for larger sites.  We also have a range of colours to choose from to enable your business to segregate their waste and become even more efficient.



For sites with limited storage or without space to situate a wheelie bin, we also offer a pre-paid 'sack' service, which enables our clients to simply pre-order the sacks and place them outside their business on their appointed service day ready for collection.


For our clients who have larger quantities of heavy or bulk waste such as wood, plastic, metal or inert material from construction sites, we also offer a range of 'bulk waste' options including skips, Roll-On-Roll-Off Containers (RoRo's), Front and Rear End Loaders (FELs and RELs).  We have a range of different sizes ranging from 4 to 40 cubic yards. 


For businesses who deal with hazardous waste, we are able to supply UN approved orange bags, yellow bags or sealed rigid units which are ideal for infectious or potentially infectious waste such as swabs, dressings, bandages, plasters, gloves and aprons. 

In addition, wheelie bins can be provided for the safe and effective storage of the hazardous waste to ensure it's kept segregated from all other waste streams, and we can provide an ad-hoc or scheduled collection basis.  


For our clients in the social care sector, we also offer collections of 'offensive' waste which often is categorized as nappies and adult toilet products. 

Collections can be provided on a scheduled service, with external bins provided for the storage of 'tiger' nags completely free of charge.


Client safety is paramount to us, so we also provide a facility for the safe collection of 'hazardous' and 'non-hazardous' sharps units, which we can collect on a scheduled or ad-hoc basis.  We can supply UN approved sharps units in a number of different sizes, ranging from the most common 1 litre size often used by pharmacists, through to 5 litre, 7 litre and 22 litre units.


We offer a full range of sealed units in a suite of sizes to fully meet the requirements of our clients who need to dispose of waste medicines and drugs in the required sealed units.  We provide clients with 'de-naturing' kits for the safe disposal of cytotoxic, cytostaic and controlled drugs as well as general pharmaceutical products, either on a scheduled or ad-hoc collection basis.

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